About Niftycell SA

Niftycell SA is a private company founded in 2001 and pioneered the Swiss premium mobile market.

Our focus is on merging latest technologies and mobile communication.

To solve the arising problems we are working on both provider-side segment developments and customer-side applications

We offer innovative cost-reducing infrastructure products for mobile operators that are proven to raise customer satisfaction level and trust while keeping the revenues growing.

Introduction of SCTP protocol by SIGTRAN Group has significantly changed the market situation and allowed to reduce costs of data transfer for small carriers, our products allow seamless integration of SCTP technology in existing GSM infrastructure.

The natural next step is convergence of wireless access and growth of popularity of premium services as delivery costs reduce.

To be ready for the wireless revolution of tomorrow we are developing collaboration and communication software for major smartphone platforms available today.

While continuing to invest in innovative development and new products, Niftycell expands current relations with customers and we aim to test new products first with trusted and established companies.

Comprehensive Telecom Solutions

We offer a range of telecommunications products and services, including a VAST application platform for mobile SMS/MMS, an SS7 SMS spam filtering platform for GSM networks, real-time SIP VoIP billing, and an enterprise VoIP solution for the Windows Mobile platform.

We also possess SS7 expertise, provide software development for iPhone, and Android devices, and offer integration services for carriers and aggregators.


  • Mobile sms / mms VAST application platform
  • SS7 SMS spam filtering platform for GSM
  • Carriers and aggregators
  • Real-time SIP VoIP Billing platform
  • Enterprise VoIP solution based on
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile platform
  • SS7 expertise and interconnect points.
  • Software and solutions and integration development on Iphone , Blackberry, Android 


  • VAS for mobile over premium SMS 
  • Mobile content distribution on demand with premium charge in Switzerland 
  • Number portability look-ups over SS7 network (IMSI,MNC,MCC) 
  • SS7 data transit Inter-working optimisation for mobile carriers 
  • SMS spam/abuse filtering on operator SS7 network 
  • VoIP billing and termination

Our Address:


1806, Montreux

Grand Rue 114

Phone: +41798999911

Contact us by email: info@niftycell.com

Mark Hoegarts